i am wtage, an

english-japanese bilingual linguist

based in london, uk

wtage :: english-japanese bilingual linguist

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who am i?

my name is wataru, also known as wateroo

i am an english-japanese bilingual linguist based in london, uk

what is linguistics?

i am curious about human communication in which language plays a crucial role

what else?

i am an avid writer with a creative mind

see below write here, right here for more

write here, right here

i write about language and languages

specific learning difficulties (splds) and second language acquisition are of particular interests to me

i write about liberty, freedom, human rights and philanthropy

i write about veganism

i have been a vegan since before it was ‘cool’

i write about the arts

i have experience in web and graphic design

i am an amateur flautist

i write about a miscellaneous collection of ideas

i am here and there

what do i do?

i am a firm believer in communication

i use this website as a means of interaction, self-promotion and self-branding


in my free time, i write, read, learn languages, edit websites, and play the flute

travelling is also my passion as it broadens my mind and creativity

contact me

feel free to connect with and contact me on linkedin or send me a message from here