getting (re)accustomed to japanese culture

words wtage

10th October 2018

japan is unique in many different ways.

i often find things i encounter in japan are amusing and/or weird and/or confusing as i’m a stranger since i moved to the uk.

what the ‘first floor’ means in japan is different from what i’m used to in britain.

they don’t use ‘ground floor’ so the street level is their first floor.

no ‘g’ or ‘0’ buttons on the lift panel.


using an escalator is a bit tricky as you need to stand on the left in east including tokyo, and on the right in west including osaka and kyoto.


wearing masks is quite common in japan, considered to be etiquette or some people want to cover their faces for various reasons.


and the list goes on…

who wrote this?

wtage, an english-japanese bilingual linguist based in london, uk.

i am curious about human communication in which language plays a crucial role.

i am an avid writer with a creative mind.