buying a flute without having metal allergic reactions – 3

words wtage

1st July 2019

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my dream flute has arrived.


i waited for a few months as sankyo flutes made my flute almost from the scratch, precisely from a pure silver tube they stocked.

it was worth every penny (or yen) and waiting for this dream instrument.


i was told by a member of staff at yamano music that this flute is particularly well-made and sounds exceptional.

however i am certainly aware that they do say it to every single customer, considering the amount i invested in the flute.


here is the summary of my flute specifications:


model: sankyo pure silver (cf-901)

soldered tone hole

standard lip plate 

standard wall tubing

open hole

pointed arm keys

inline g

b foot joint 

c# trill key


no split e mechanism nor sankyo nel (sankyo’s original high e facilitator)

no d# roller

no engravings


and i was just right.

i prefer inline g and adding c# trill key is not a problem in terms of the weight added on to the flute.

i can play high e with no problem on this flute.


sankyo flutes’ mechanism and key deign are just perfect for me and a flute without d# roller is not an issue.

also engraving is not needed as my flute looks gorgeous without it.


i absolutely love how my flute sounds.

i feel extremely satisfied when i play on this flute.


certainly i am not saying that the more amount of money you spend on, the better quality of instruments you could get, but what i really mean is that i see this choosing the ‘perfect’ flute journey (or in other words, boringly, purchase of a flute) is an investment.

i mean, as long as you are in the fortunate position in which you are financially allowed, seize the opportunity.

i did not want to regret my flute, for instance, by saving a relatively small amount that i could have saved up for a couple of months, or by giving up something luxurious in my daily life, possibly ranging from unnecessarily eating out to taking cabs instead of tubing.


i am pleased to have this flute in my life.

who wrote this?

wtage, an english-japanese bilingual linguist based in london, uk.

i am curious about human communication in which language plays a crucial role.

i am an avid writer with a creative mind.