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9th December 2018

name: saishoku bento (菜食弁当) – vegetable bento

type: vegan bento – ekiben (bento that can be purchased at stations)

shop: bento-ya [inside the station]

locations: tokyo station, jr shinjuku station, ueno station, omiya station in saitama (outside tokyo)

opening hours: bento-ya ‘matsuri’ (festival) at tokyo station

5.30 – 23.00

telephone: 03 3213 4352

website: https://www.nre.co.jp/ekiben/tabid/236/pdid/170425SaishokuBento/Default.aspx

english speaking staff: maybe (not all staff speak english but you can simply show a picture of the bento)

how vegan?: the only vegan ekiben i have found

card accepted?: yes

[correct as of 9th december 2018]


i work in uk time remotely monday to friday, meaning that i can be located anywhere i want but my evening and night in japanese time can be limited in many ways.

this ekiben is a perfect option for busy people like me.

ekiben (駅弁) comprises two words: eki (駅) station and ben (弁) bento, japanese style lunch box.

ekiben can be found in any stations and there are thousands of different types of bentos throughout the country.


the shop, ekiben-ya can be extremely busy, and when i went to buy this bento on sunday, it was sold out…

the price is ¥900 which is in the typical price range.

it came with (slightly short) chopsticks inside the bento package.


click here for the ingredient label in japanese.

and the below is my translation.

the japanese original description cited from here.


白飯(国産米)- white rice (japanese rice) [top left]

大豆たんぱく(ベジミート)- soy protein (veggie meat) [on white rice]

時雨煮・枝豆 – shigure-ni (small food (vegetables and seaweed) that has been simmered in soy sauce and mirin with ginger) and edamame beans [only one edamame bean on white rice, no shigure-ni this time]

雑穀入り御飯(国産米)・ごま – rice with rains & sesame seeds [bottom left]

赤キャベツと糸寒天のマリネ クコの実添え – marinated red cabbage and agar strips with wolf berry on top [top right, in a small white cup]

豆腐ハンバーグ和風あん・舞茸煮・飾り人参煮 – tofu patty with japanese style sauce, simmered mushroom and carrot

車麩唐揚 彩り野菜添え(ズッキーニ、アスパラガス、赤パプリカ、玉葱)- ‘fu’ wheat gluten karaage and vegetables (courgette, asparagus, red pepper, onion)

煮物(南瓜、穂筍、蓮根、そら豆)- simmered kabocha squash, bamboo shoot, lotus root and broad bean

ひじき煮 – simmered hijiki seaweed


i quite liked this bento as it was small but quite filling.

full of flavour and fu karaage was my favourite.

if you want to try japanese ekiben, this is highly recommended.


here is the list of ‘go vegan in tokyo, japan

who wrote this?

wtage, an english-japanese bilingual linguist based in london, uk.

i am curious about human communication in which language plays a crucial role.

i am an avid writer with a creative mind.