go vegan in tokyo, japan – introduction

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9th October 2018

is being a vegan in japan difficult? or is it impossible?

is travelling to japan without speaking japanese possible?

what can i eat in japan as a vegan?

i had an opportunity to visit tokyo, the capital of japan ‘as a tourist’ to explore how vegan i could go in tokyo.

i shall write a series of ‘how to go vegan’ posts, slightly retrospectively with updated information (restaurants opening hours etc).


just a bit of my vegan background, i am an ethical vegan who eats vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, seeds, legumes, tofu, and so forth.

i do not eat meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, honey, eggs, dairy products, or anything animal derived.

I do not like mock meat (vegan sausages, quorn etc), processed food, junk food, oily food.

I like organic, gluten-free vegan food, but these are just my preference and not always necessary.

as long as i eat vegan, i am fine.


speaking of japanese food, i do not like ‘tsukemono’ (漬物) japanese pickles, ‘umeboshi’ (梅干し) pickled plums, ‘natto’ (納豆) fermented soy beans, seaweed including ‘kaiso’ (海藻), ‘wakame’ (ワカメ), ‘kombu’ (昆布) and ‘nori’ (海苔).

i never eat umeboshi and natto. i might eat things i did not list above.


here is the list of ‘go vegan in tokyo, japan’:

– introduction [this post]

t’s tantan

loving hut

ekiben: vegetable bento

sushi zanmai


who wrote this?

wtage, an english-japanese bilingual linguist based in london, uk.

i am curious about human communication in which language plays a crucial role.

i am an avid writer with a creative mind.