go vegan in tokyo, japan – loving hut

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15th October 2018

name: loving hut (ラビングハット)

type: vegan restaurant – buffet lunch & dinner

2nd floor, okada building
1-54 kanda jimbocho, chiyoda-ku, tokyo 101-0051

[google maps]

address in japanese:
岡田ビル 2階

opening hours:
on saturdays only
11.00 – 15.00 (buffet lunch)
17.00 – 20.30 (dinner)
[be sure to check their website beforehand as they may close occasionally]

nearest station: jimbocho station (exit a5)
(toei mita line i-10 / toei shinjuku line s-06 / tokyo metro hanzomon line z-07)

seats: ~17 (2 seater tables can be rearranged for bigger groups)

telephone: 03 5577 6880

website: http://lovinghut.jp

english menu: for dinner – yes, plus chinese/taiwanese
for buffet – you may ask staff

english speaking staff: yes (quite good), plus chinese/taiwanese

how vegan?: all vegan & alcohol free

card accepted?: cash only

[correct as of 15th october 2018]


i use happy cow app and this restaurant seems to be one of the best vegan places in tokyo.

some people with small stomachs say that they are overpriced so they would recommend take away (or take ‘out’ in japanese english as they are rather familiar with americanised english).

as soon as i entered, i asked the staff if they do take away.

the gentleman politely told me that they don’t.

no takeaway…

okay, ¥2,000 isn’t pricey at all if i convert it to the pound sterling (£13.33 / £1 = ¥150).

but a buffet isn’t for me.



there were complimentary water, lemon grass tea, oolong tea along with cutlery (chopsticks, forks and spoons) at the counter, next to the entrance.


for the first round, i had (clockwise from top) potato salad, lettuce salad with say sauce (?) based dressing, vegetable tempura, daikon (radish simmered in soy sauce (?) with a bit of chilli), raisin bread, and fried noodles with vegetables.


next, i tried daikon mochi (radish rice cake), mapo tofu with coriander, tempura (kabocha squash, enoki mushroom, shishito/padron peppers), fried noodles with vegetables, potato salad, and skewered soy meat.

daikon mochi was chewy and interesting. i really liked it.

mapo tofu with coriander was way too spicy for me. i was so glad i didn’t have that much.

tempura was good, enoki mushrooms were interesting and crispy.

i also had a bowl of soup. it was bland. it must be a taiwanese soup.

i was full by that time but i wanted to try more as there were something new.

they constantly added freshly cooked food.


so i had skewered soy meat, beans, fried vegetables with soy meat (pepper steak?), a steamed bun, and kabayaki ‘eel’ sushi.

(the plate doesn’t look pretty but they clearly labelled that customers are encouraged to use the same plate to save water and care the environment – totally agreed)

beans were bloody salty! definitely not healthy.

fried vegetables with soy meat were quite good, a steamed bun was also good but i’m not sure the inside, possibly mushroom and chopped vegetables, all in brown.


kabayaki ‘eel’ sushi was dry and firm, but i liked the taste.


before i left this hut, i paid ¥2,000 in cash, and had a chat with the lady (apparently she is the owner who speaks chinese/taiwanese).

the staff spoke quite good english and everything was written in japanese, english and chinese/taiwanese!


i felt it was a little bit pricey as i don’t have a big stomach.

skipping breakfast might be a good idea.


it was truly a fun experience however i wouldn’t come here again due to the price (again i don’t eat that much).

if you are hungry enough to try different kinds of taiwanese and japanese vegan food, this is a great place for sure.


here is the list of ‘go vegan in tokyo, japan

who wrote this?

wtage, an english-japanese bilingual linguist based in london, uk.

i am curious about human communication in which language plays a crucial role.

i am an avid writer with a creative mind.